Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dear Mr. President...

Mr. President,

I know you’ll never read, or even see this letter, but I have to get everything off my chest. I am one of your pissed-off base. I am a middle-class, progressive/liberal activist. I, like many of my friends, am tired of being ignored, abused and pissed-on. We worked hard to put you where you are. When your chief-of-staff says “don’t worry about the base”, he’s way off base. Martha Coakley losing in Massachusetts tonight is only the latest symptom. You know, in a relationship, when you try to appease everyone in the neighborhood and abuse the one who loves you, you look like an idiot to the neighborhood and your loved one will turn on you, too.

You ignored us on the health bill. You step on us by making deals with and concessions to Republicans, big Pharma, the insurance industry, Joe Lieberman, Ben Nelson, the list goes on. Then, you come to us with results that benefit THEM with nothing left for us. You gave away everything that was good and ignored the unions, the poor, the sick, the middle-class, the BASE!
Everyone that you promised “change we can believe in!”

I feel like the nice guy at the prom and my date, who won’t let me even get to first base because our relationship is “special,” had wandered off and just returned with a prom dress soiled from having sex with every other guy there and now wants me to take her home and I STILL won’t even get a kiss goodnight because we have a “special” relationship.

You’re going to see more and more of this. Elections where Democrats should be winning, lost because we’re either not going to go out and vote, or we’re going to support a third party candidate that we KNOW won’t win, but they appreciate us. We’ll lose Congress in 2010 and your bid for re-election in 2012, and it’ll put us right back where we started, with the idiot-fundamentalist-corporatist Republicans running this great country into the ground again! And it won’t be our fault, it’ll be YOURS! All because, lets face it…payback is a bitch! I’m not happy about it, but you don’t give me much to be happy about anyway, do you?


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