Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Goldman Sachs Reaps, America Weeps - PROTEST

Dear Friend,

Goldman Sachs does not get it. Nor does the rest of the financial elite.

America is facing its harshest economic crisis in 50 years. And, yet, the people who caused that crisis are continuing to celebrate and reward themselves with mind-boggling bonuses—and a tone-deafness that is astonishing.

On January 21st, I’m asking you to join me in giving voice to the millions of Americans who have lost their jobs and their life-savings because of the culture of greed on Wall Street. At noon on Thursday, we will gather in front of the Manhattan, NY headquarters of Goldman Sachs—the day Goldman Sachs and other large financial institutions announce the bonuses they will dole out. We must make it clear that Goldman Sachs’ greed is un-American. We need new rules to make sure that the great wealth of our country is shared equitably.

The rally is co-sponsored by Progressive Democrats of America, Democracy for America, and Spread the word. Here is our Facebook page for the event (please comment and engage the discussion!) and here is a downloadable PDF of the flier – please circulate! Goldman Sachs is located at 85 Broad St. Bring your energy, signs and banners.

And thanks for all you do for your country.

Jonathan Tasini

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